About Us

This, Not This! is a Portland, Oregon based rock band featuring Tia Bren (original vocalist),Debbie Clark (vocalist), David Wakeling (drums, vocals), Frank Adrian (bass, vocals), Gary Weber (guitar), and Phil Koehn (guitar). Dave and Frank formed the group in Spring 2010 after the demise of their previous band, Against Musical Advice, and the band started playing local Portland venues (Mt. Tabor Theater, Hawthorne Theater, Tonic Lounge, Twilight Bar and Cafe, The Buffalo Gap, The Knife Shop at Kelly's Olympian) in Autumn 2010. The band's debut EP  (also titled This, Not This!) was released in Autumn 2011 and their second album (Waiting on the World) was released in 2012. They have played at corporate functions and at other local events such as the Portland Rose Festival and the Clark County Fair. The individual band members have been playing in various rock bands for many years...

Tia Bren (Original vocalist)
This is Frank (see below). Since Tia's been a bit slow in getting me a bio to post, I'll say a few words...

As you can see from the photo pages, she cleans up real well. She seems pretty smart. Keeps herself busy when she's not working with us. Not whiney, seems to have a good sense of humor (except when you piss her off - like by posting an unauthorized bio). She sings pretty well (at least, better than me) - knocked 'em dead on the funeral circuit.  Dave (see below) had to beg her to join us.  She has a dragon tattoo running up her left side from her hip to... well, let's just say that I haven't seen the top half. Very sturdy. No nude pix - pity... OK, that's about it. Maybe now she'll get that bio to me so I can post it. Or not. I can hope.


It's me (Frank), again.  The first fake bio didn't work (i.e., I still don't have an official bio from Tia) so I'll try something else:

Tia Bren was born of sturdy Irish stock in the wilds of the South Seas. Her parents, anthropologists who had come to study the ways of the headhunters, died when she was young. The heartbroken Tia was taken into the Nuhuaaha tribe and nurtured by their wise medicine woman, learning the vocalization of their tribal chants and all of their dances. As Tia grew, her flaming red hair became the talk of the tribe and little Tia became known as "Hua Narapno Reya Sunamee" which, in the tribal dialect, means "She who runs about with hair on fire." As she grew, she became very unhappy with the life of a woman in the tribe and started working with the boys, learning how to hunt, fish, fight, and shrink heads.  When she reached the age where the male children were initiated as warriors, Tia was furious when the male elders refused to initiate her.  As a proof of her readiness, she killed half of the elders and removed particular anatomical parts of the others.  Properly chastened, they initiated her as a warrior in their tribe where she had the largest number of kills of any warrior and was known by the name "Bonaro Hua Narapno Reya Sunamee", which means "Bitch who runs about with hair on fire." Tia's idyllic life on Nuhua came to a close when she was "rescued" and adopted by itinerant missionaries and taken back to the US.  Sadly, the only result of her island upbringing that remains is an unfortunate tendency to eat babies for breakfast and the plaintive cries that she can emit during certain songs of her band, "This, Not This!"

OK.  If the eating babies thing doesn't do it nothing will.  I want a bio and I want it now!!!


OK.  I give up.  It's Frank (see below)... again.  Still no bio from Tia...  We'll give it one last shot (and I hope she likes it):

Tia Bren, the enigmatic singer for Portland's This, Not This!, is a woman of few unsung words.  She says that she likes to let the music speak for itself and considers herself simply a vessel through which the music moves.  As sinuous as the dragon tattoo that runs up her left side, her voice is the main focal point for the band and she gives each song a vocal treatment that is matched perfectly to its mood.  When she's not singing, this angel of the voice works as an angel of mercy, ministering to cancer victims as an oncology nurse.  Smart, talented, funny, beautiful, and always sturdy, Tia Bren is the perfect front woman for This, Not This!

Debbie Clark
As the newest member of "This, not this"  Debbie picks up where Tia left off...rocking it as the beautiful and talented lead vocalist.  Half the age of the rest of the band, Debbie brings a new energy and interpretation to the ever expanding repetoire of songs that the band creates..  Not only can she out-sing anyone else in the band, she can out-belch them as well.  Always quick with a comeback, Debbie easily keeps the boys of the band in-line.  Talented and cute as a button, Debbie is often overheard muttering "What did I get myself into?".

David Wakeling

David is happy to contribute with song-writing, vocals and providing the drum grooves. Self taught on drums and guitar, David recently released his third solo CD "Altadena Avenue" as well as numerous singles available on itunes (I know, I know...shameless self-promotion). He continues to write material for the band and his next solo project.  David admits that maybe, just maybe taking accordion lessons as a child fueled his interest in music, and for that he thanks his Mom and Dad.  When not writing and performing, he spends his time attempting to stamp out disease and trying to hit a little white ball into a cup, at which neither he is currently successful. You can check out his solo work at www.wakelingmusic.com.

Frank Adrian
Businessman, genius, philosopher king, rock god...  and, perhaps, raging egomaniac - what more can you say about Frank Adrian, bass player and vocalist for This, Not This!?  The "Smartest Man in Rock and Roll" has been in (and out of) bands, singing and playing guitar and bass since 1969, most recently with the Midwestern band Shiver and Portland favorites Against Musical Advice.  Though his hard-driving playing provides the basis for his technique, his background as a guitarist informs his melodic approach to bass, giving a unique musicality to the lower tonal registers of This, Not This! Writing about such universals as sex, love, and being eaten alive by small furry animals, his happy, hooky tunes are a cornerstone for their musical repertoire.  His musical mottoes are "Valenter, cito!" (Harder, faster!) and "Never let your thinking get in the way of a good song."  When he's not busy writing, recording, and performing songs for This, Not This! and his solo musical project, Adrian, you might find him (as he says, far too slowly) developing a small independent record label, Hancock Street Records. In his copious spare time, he might also be found studying statistical models of neural plasticity or playing poker.

Gary Weber
A guitar-slinging software-engineering private pilot, or a plane-flying computer-programming rock star? Not sure which of those best describes Gary, but his true passion in life is music. He's been playing the guitar for 25 years, been in a studio-recording synth-pop band, and has been involved in a few independent music studio projects throughout the years. In addition to branching out into Portland's live music scene, Gary is recording new material for his solo CD. You'll hear him playing various styles of hard rock, modern rock, a touch of blues & funk, and even some progressive metal on occasion. Gary's guitar work can be found encapsulated within the fine musings of the bands This, Not This! and The Rifters, where his musical passions are thriving nicely.

Phil Koehn
Phil emerged from the psychedelic bands of his youth and moved on to writing pop tunes after relocating to Hollywood, CA. He produced a recording project, working with Motel’s vocalist Martha Davis, under the name “The Suspects.” Martha went on to score two hits in the early 80s: “Suddenly Last Summer” and “Only the Lonely.” Phil later joined the punk band, VOM, fronted by Richard Meltzer, Blue Oyster Cult lyricist, rock critic, and author of the Aesthetics of Rock. VOM played shows in L.A., including the Whiskey A Go-Go, shows in San Francisco, and elsewhere. The band eventually dissolved, but spawned the legendary Angry Samoans, featuring ex-VOM members. Phil later formed a militaristic punk band in Hollywood, the Generals, wrote all the tunes, and played a number of L.A. Clubs. Years later, after a hiatus from music, he got back into the game playing guitar for several bands doing 90s alternative rock covers. Phil has since returned to writing pop/rock tunes intended for female vocals and continues to be a modern rock enthusiast.