Songs from This, Not This! (the EP)


The end of summer came and lay beside me on the mattress,
Then autumn came and kicked me in the head,
Winter passed without me hearing anything else new,
Spring came - I found you with her instead...
I hope you make her happy - just as much as you made me -
Upon the August evening when you went
Out of town and out of touch and never looking back
On the few long summer days that we both spent...

Lying on the beach, did you think of leaving even then
As waves rushed in and out among the sand,
And was I only flotsam in the current of your life,
And did you think I'd really understand?

As the seasons drifted past did you ever think of me,
As much as I was thinking about you?
Did you think it was romantic when you simply disappeared?
Or did you take the time to even think it through?
And the questions left unanswered, did you ever give them thought?
As you found somebody else to take my place?
Or did it mean so little that you thought nothing was lost,
When you vanished from my life without a trace?

Lying on the beach...

Now I've found you and you say I'm messing up your life,
But maybe it's a debt you've paid at last,
The tides of time can bring back things you thought were gone for good,
Perhaps I'm just a little bit of driftwood from your past...

Lying on the beach... 
Bringin' It

My, my my my... she's sittin' there again,
You might have seen better, but you can't remember when,
Blue eyes that can pierce, black hair to her waist,
The smell of sweet magnolias, lips you almost taste.

Yeah, she's bringin' it - like a hammer to a nail,
She's more than you can handle - got a tiger by the tail,
She's got you where she wants you - she won't break but she might bend,
She'll bang you like a gong boy - you might never walk again...

You finally got up the courage, you bought her that first drink,
You try to use your big boy words, but she knows exactly what you think,
She takes you by your sweaty hand and leads you to her car,
She revs the engine, puts the pedal down so you don't know who you are, yeah, yeah...

Yeah, she's bringin' it...

It's like never before,
She's nailed you to the floor,
Put yourself together,
'Cause she shows you the door.

Yeah, she brought it - like a hammer to a nail,
More than you could handle - you can't hold the tiger by it's tail,
She got you where she wanted you, she didn't break, she didn't bend,
She banged you like a gong boy, you might never walk again...

She's bringin' it - like a hammer to a nail,
She's bringin' it - like a hammer to a nail...

License to Fly

One day in the future, this will all disappear,
You'll have to ask yourself, "Where do we go from here?"
Blasted off to heaven, left their containers behind,
They all belived in Do, took his word as a sign.

Don't need a license to fly,
Just gonna leave won't say goodbye...

To a place only they could reach, with no tickets, no wings,
Don't need a license to fly, drop kick everything...

Don't need a license to fly...

The sky above, white clouds below,
My exact destination, I don't really know.
One day in the future, this will all disappear,
You'll have to ask yourself, "Where do we go from here?"

Don't need a license to fly...


Tortured goodbyes in a doorway, watching as a back is turned,
Footsteps walking down a hallway, yet another lesson learned.
Turn about and close the door, lean upon it once again,
Cold as ice and twice as heavy, coming to another end...

Empty out my heart, let the blood flow from my veins,
Let the arrow fly, let it take away my pain,
Take my ears and eyes, don't want my sight or sound,
Take away my life, an outlined heart chalked upon the ground.

Hidden motives never spoken, ending in a heart that's broken
Everytime you let another one into your soul.
But we always keep on seeking, even when what we find's wreaking
Havoc in our feelings while our spirits pay the toll...

Empty out my heart...

Lovers come and lovers go and, in the end, you're just as
Disappointed in the ones you catch as the ones who get away,
And every time I lose one and I find my heart is broken,
I don't know where I'll find the strength to carry on another day...

Empty out my heart...


Seeing you was bittersweet, dark chocolate on my tongue,
Saying goodbye broke my heart again,
Lamplight gleams from the bottle in the trash can of the hotel room,
You can't relive your memories - 'specially when they're all just fantasies...

Every time I think of you, it hurts so good that I want to do it over and over again
Feels more real than anything I've got right now,
Every time I see you know, it hurts so good that I can't give back my memories...
I can't say that it's not so, I can't say that it's not so...

I can feel the sparks that seem to come from you when I'm around,
But I can't make those sparks turn into flame,
Knowing that it won't work doesn't make me want you any less,
Don't know why I keep trying... I just have to keep trying...

Every time I think of you...

My past is full of should've beens, had to be's, and never were's,
Wanting something doesn't make it right,
Broken dreams, like shattered glass, can't come together whole again,
But I want to make it happen... yeah, I got to make it happen...

Every time I think of you...

(We Wanna Be a) One Hit Wonder

Another show on another rainy night - the owner loves us 'cause we bring 'em in,
We're in the pocket and keepin' it real tight - the line we're walkin' is pretty thin,
We're getting tired of the same old same old, but we love the few who believe,
Wired and weary, it's starting to take hold - maybe one last trick up our sleeve...

'Cause we wanna be a one hit wonder, have someone drive us from show to show,
Haul our stuff and keep things together, point us in the right direction to go...

We're not looking for a long term solution, we're smart enough to know it's not in the cards,
If you believe in evolution, survival of the fittest is so damned hard,
How long we last is anyone's guess - playing for the door can only go so far,
We're not looking to be the best, but for now we're gonna rock this bar!

We wanna be a one hit wonder, just one song on the tip of your tongue,
Play on the radio in heavy rotation, back to our live when the summer's done...

We wanna wake up in a different city, see the moon under neon skies,
Hear that crowd when we hit that first note, they're singing along and they know all the lines,
Go to bed when the sun is rising, feel that thrill coming down to the wire,
Hang around back stage killing time and play like demons with our hair on fire...

We wanna (wanna) be a (be a) one hit wonder, under the stars at an outdoor show,
Wake up and not know what town we're in - damage our livers but avoid the blow...

We wanna be a one hit wonder, sleep in the bus in the midday sun,
Blaze like a match in the heart of the city, back to our lives when the summer's done...
When it's done... We wanna be a one hit wonder...

Earlier Songs

Panic Room

I can see through the slit of my armored door
That it hasn't blown over yet,
Haze in the city in the valley below
As the sun begins to set.
No way I'll take a chance of going outside
While the fire continues to creep,
They said a change was coming soon
But I'm gonna have to go back to sleep.

So here I'll stay (in my panic room)
Another day (in my panic room)
I'm OK (in my panic room)

I got all seven seasons of Seinfeld
And plenty of food to eat.
I got Death Cab looping on the system
The cameras trained on the street.
The dogs are roaming on the grounds
And the phasers are set to stun,
Electricity coursing through the chain link fence
Panic Room
And the turrets are mounted with guns.

Now the Valium's coursing through my veins
Alcohol drip set on low
Relaxing in my conforming chair
Support systems ready to go...

I can hear the whirring of the fans
All lights are blinking green,
I'm floating off on a light blue sea
No one will ever know where I've been.
I'm setting the timer for six months from now
I think it will be over by then,
And if nothing has changed when I check on the screen
I'll start it all over again.


You held my heart a prisoner, I couldn't live without you
Caged me with your bars of love, there was nothin' I could do
Shackled by my innocence, chained there by your guile
Should have run away from you, yeah I should've run for miles
You taught me all about love, lessons full of pain
Now I don't know if I got the strength to get on my feet again

Break down - Look what you did to me
Tied up - Something you had to see
Light's out - Kicking me in the head
Takedown - Leaving my soul for dead
Strung up - Dying a bit each day
Cast out - Nothing to make me stay
Eyes shut - You know what's killing me
Takedown - Just had to make me bleed
... Just had to make me bleed

You said your love was ever strong, it was strong enough to burn
Set my soul on fire when I had so much to learn
Your love was nothin' but a lie, a fact I saw too late
When you found a bigger fool than me and showed me to your gate

Tossed away and all alone, I saw reality
And I vowed to never love again - that's what you did to me

Stole my heart and killed my soul and took away my smile
Every time you give an inch, they'll always take a mile


All my dreams have been daydreams
No visions so stark to be confined to the night
All my dreams have been daydreams
No visions so dark to be concealed from the light of day...

Day by day, I lived my life complacently,
Adjacently to
People like you, people like me
I never knew there was something more meant for me because...

[Chorus 2]
All my dreams had been daydreams
No visions so harsh to be concealed from myself
All my dreams had been daydreams
No visions so stark to be locked up on the shelf of my mind...

Mind that you don't look for truth in every day
You'll see the world the wrong way
Close your eyes and close your mind
And you can be happy, it will be no surprise when...

All your dreams are just daydreams...
All your dreams are just daydreams...

All my dreams were just daydreams
No visions to stark, not one that forced me to care
All my dreams were just daydreams
No visions so dark that I could not really bear to see...

See that you must use your life to make the most
Of everything you give it
So that when you reach its end
You'll have no doubts you spent it well you lived it and...

All your days weren't daydreams
All your days won't be daydreams
All my dreams were just daydreams
All our dreams won't be daydreams